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Niyo Network is the not-for-profit arm of Niyo Enterprise, a pioneering technology organisation that exists to economically empower black women through digital upskilling, hair and beauty. 

With a growing community of over 3000 women, Niyo Network is on a mission to equip and train black women who are unemployed or are at risk of unemployment. We create opportunities catered directly to the purposeful paths of black women, whether it be employment in a high impact industry or running their own disruptive businesses. 



  • Remove the barriers that black women face when entering high impact industries 
  • Equip black women with the skills, confidence and knowledge and support them through to further training, and employment by holding programmes and events
  • Work with employer partners to support black women in the Niyo Network with mentoring, coaching and employment opportunities.


Job Overview (2 Roles Available )

  • Contract type: Temporary – Permanent
  • Starting: ASAP
  • Days/ Hours per week: Monday – Friday (9am-5pm)
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Pay: £22,000 – £24,000 pro-rata per annum depending on experience
  • Reporting to COO & CEO

Job Description

We are looking for a visionary and integral bootcamp project manager to join Niyo Network. As a team member with a shared vision with Niyo Network, you will work closely with the COO to plan, monitor, and manage the students on our bootcamps.

The role will be both strategic and hands-on. You will be accomplished in managing the data black disruptor boot camps. You have impressive project management skills, but also a broader awareness of professional development, black women in technology and also passionate about increasing the career prospects of black women in the technology industry.

You will be joining a dynamic organisation of passionate entrepreneurs at heart – from product, data science to design thinkers across the UK and connecting with stakeholders and companies with a global reach.

You will be responsible for: 

  • Managing the pastoral support, soft skill development and events 
  • Build a strong community: foster an exciting and engaged community of evangelical Niyo network supporters
  • Project managing programme
    • mentor and volunteer management – data management of this process
    • Resident recruitment and engagement
    • Project controlling  the project – making sure that key milestones are met, and tasks are done on time and efficiently
      • This includes employer partnerships management
      • Career development of the students
      • Working with communications officer to manage the marketing schedule 
      • Coaching and counselling management of the students
      • Arrange and manage empowerment days
      • Manage the soft skill and job readiness aspects of the course
      • Managing and organising the employer showcase event
      • Disseminate information / Admin for cohort slack channels and informational slack channels
    • Managing the emails
    • Manages the coaching circles and drop-in sessions
    • Leads on the project progress of the students and liaises with the technical project manager on this.


  • Community: you love getting to know your customers and are passionate about building an engaged community
  • Partnerships: you can talk to stakeholders at all levels and are adept at pitching new ideas, you know how to reach brands and have a network that can help 
  • Strategy: you’ve created and built new initiatives in the past, you’re thoughtful and thorough, and can take an idea from 0 to 1 
  • Data driven: you have a data driven approach to experimentation, analysing metrics and improving based on insights 
  • Start-up: you are a natural growth hacker, may have had early-stage start-up experience or launched a new product to market
  • Leadership: You may have hired and managed teams and thrive in a leadership role
  • Organised: You love using spreadsheets and databases to ensure everything is in order!

Additional Information

  • Visionary: mission-driven and ambitious, with a clear vision and strategy
  • Customer-Centric: customer-oriented and able to design, manage and market world-class products for our community
  • Entrepreneur-at-Heart: passionate tinkerer, you like to try new things and are comfortable paving the way forward
  • Growth Mindset: you are driven, seek out challenges, and constantly learning
  • The Wearer of Many Hats: you do what it takes to get stuff done
  • A Thought Leader: able to form views quickly in the face of new information and articulate them clearly and persuasively; decisive in the face of limited information

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